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Our solution

Logistikbude is a web-based software for load carrier management. It is independent of load carrier types and addresses both the tracking of own load carriers and the management of exchange processes in open pools.

For this purpose, our software has two central modules: Tracking & Tracing and Administration.

Find out how to use them to solve your challenges.

Tracking & Tracing

Load carriers owned by your own company and exchanged with only a few partners need to be tracked to avoid shrinkage, long lead times and high replenishment rates due to a lack of transparency about processes and inventories.

For this purpose, Logistikbude offers the entire workflow from the generation of a unique identification to tracking via scan app to the digital load carrier file, in which the history of the load carrier is stored. The most important key figures are always in view via the website and IoT sensors can optionally be connected.



Load carriers are managed either via a connected app, with which the exchange is documented, or via entry in the web mask. Alternatively, it is also possible to import bookings from the master systems (e.g. TMS, WMS or ERP) into the platform via CSV import or interface. 


From there, the accounts are reconciled fully automatically by generating accounts from the individual bookings and sending a link to the exchange partner. Under this link, the exchange partner can confirm or correct bookings, upload his own receipts and create transactions himself. If the exchange partner forgets to reconcile the accounts, he will be reminded automatically. This reduces the time needed for reconciliation by up to 70%, which means that the invoice can be issued earlier and the personnel costs for reconciliation are largely eliminated. 


Any question left open?

Maybe the answers can be found in our glossary or FAQ. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

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