Why settle for confusing tables when it comes to load carrier management? 

Logistikbude thinks management further and combines the management of exchange accounts in open pools (e.g. Euro pallet, wire mesh pallet or Small load carrier) with the tracking & tracing of own load carriers (e.g. racks or tanks). 

Thanks to this holistic digitalization of load carrier management, shrinkage rates and employee costs are reduced while circulation speeds are enhanced. As a result, fewer load carriers are needed and both money and CO2 are being saved. 

The software can be used immediately without installation and can be learned within just one hour

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 Load carrier management 

Why load carrier management?

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Load carriers are a central component in logistics networks - almost no product moves without them. At the same time, many companies consider them just as a necessary difficulty.  

The lack of transparency and complex coordination processes result in high costs. Many of the costs associated with load carriers are hidden and only become visible with an intelligent solution.


This is where Logistikbude comes in as a web-based out-of-the-box solution and addresses both own load carriers and load carriers in open pools. 

What are the capabilities of the Logistikbude?

The Logistikbude is a web-based software for load carrier management. It is independent of load carrier types and addresses both the tracking of own load carriers and the management of exchange processes in open pools. Thanks to the cloud technology, Logistikbude can be used immediately.

Own load carriers

Logistik Tracking Barcode auf dem Ladungsträger

Generation, labeling and tracking using a scan app, digital folder and IoT for load carriers.

Open pools

Logistik App für mobile Devices

Digital load carrier exchange and automatic reconciliation of exchange accounts.

Out of the box

Tauschkonto Palettenabgleich Plattform

Can be used immediately without complex implementation projects. Can be canceled at any time.



up to

less personnel effort for the maintenance and reconciliation of exchange accounts


up to

less load carrier requirement due reduction of shrinkage and increase of the circulation speed

20,000 t

up to

CO2 emissions saved (GWP) due to less shrinkage, less demand and less transport of empties

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Anführungszeichen für ein Zitat

„Many can do it complicated, however simplicity and efficiency are the characteristics of Logistikbude“

Dr. Volker Lange, Head of Packaging Logistics at Fraunhofer IML

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